Sep 3, 2008

Salary, mortgage, and investment

Delayed salary increase
Bummer. We were informed yesterday that the increase is not taking effect until 25th September. I luckily ran into a payroll guy that I'm friends with and learned that it was because the payroll system is not updated yet to process the new remuneration scheme. It's easy to process straightforward accounts but those that have car benefits, bonuses, superannuation (apart from Kiwisaver) are complicated to process. At this time the system upgrade is still in development! That's NUTS deadline-wise!!! I'm not sure how they will be able to finish it all off before the 25th. J's increase is not even officially released by memo yet.

House-buying update
Anyway, the mortgage thing is going well. Our broker is soooo efficient about all of it that we hardly did anything since getting their service. And they are doing it all the way from Auckland! The real estate agent, we realized, gave us half of the usual 10-day period for processing everything after acceptance of offer. Now that we know, we are playing it against her this time. :-P She even called me today to ask why the solicitor is asking for the 5-day extension and she wasn't supposed to do that! Agents can be really sleazy.

Investing on the baby's future
I'm currently in the process of looking for a fund provider to invest on our baby's education. I'm leaning towards ING as we are already investors with them. I found an education trust fund on National Bank's website but learned that the manager is ING too, so we'll just go direct with them. But maybe they offer the educational fund for a good reason and that's what I'm finding out by reading their investment statement that is very much the same to that of ING's. :)

If you have any suggestions for educational funds here in NZ, please let me know! Thanks in advance!

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