Sep 6, 2008

one hp down

This past week was not our usual frugal week. I ate out for lunch 3 times! But I welcome the change from time to time. I really don't think I can go for months without trying food cooked by other people! I only have $4 left to last me until next Wednesday. Boo. But, I'm happy with my use of allowance this week. J brought home the reimbursement I had been waiting for and forgot about, so the unexpected "windfall" is helping us feel more comfortable for the next few days until payday.

One hire purchase (hp) gone
Yesterday we paid off one of the 2 hire purchase loans! We celebrated by eating Indian takeaway :) One more HP to go and all focus will go to plastic debt. I'm happy that we achieved something for this year. 

The other hp
We inquired on the pay-off amount for the other hp and learned that we need to pay some $300+. I thought we only needed to pay $150 to close the account. Ugh. I'm committed to still pay it off as soon as possible. 

Mortgage approval is already good and it's just getting plumbing work done at the house and we'll sign it off. Looks like we'd be moving next month to the suburbs. The house isn't perfect but it ticked a lot of the boxes. At this time it's reasonably livable but all the potential is exciting us! Well, mostly J is excited to use his DIY skills on the property. I just hope that we can easily find new tenants to take over the rest of our lease of 6 months. Anybody interested in renting a 2-bedroom (with 1 small room good for home office) in Wellington City?

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  1. Awesome!! Congrats on the house, and paying off one of the hp's!

    Life is sure exciting down there in Welly...

    BF and I will be wanting a 2 bedroom in November but i'm hoping to keep my commute time to under 4 hours. :)