Aug 18, 2008

Spending by collecting points

It was my birthday the other weekend and we spent gifts on each other. I got J a nice, warm sweater for only $30 and he got me a postie sort of bag for $52 from the same shop holding a big sale just like every single shop in NZ! I felt a little unfair on my gift to J but he said that he liked the sweater. I just think it was a mindless present brought by mindless wandering around burning time on a weekend.

But, he took me to a play that Friday night and I took him to dinner. The play was covered by vouchers from my last year's birthday present to him! He didn't use it until this year. Funny guy. Our dinner was a complement from my work for a job well done. I was given $100 for dinner but we only spent $84. Essentially we shelled out $0 on our birthdays date.

Back to that spending weekend... we bought a Fairydown duvet cover using our gift cards from our wedding. The duvet we bought was actually redemption of our Flybuys points. I love Flybuys! That duvet would've cost us some $400 but because we consistently use our Flybuys card at participating companies, we got ourselves a fine duvet. We also bought another duvet cover at Bed Bath & Beyond for only $30. Big sale happening these days!

The duvet redemption put a dent to our total points but that's alright. It was our first after almost 2 years of points collection. We will earn more that's for sure. We also have another points system that we are enrolled in but we have no plans to redeem from that.

Last week J promised that he won't even tell me about a good deal he'd find. He has a consistent habit of looking out for good deals and eventually buying them. We carried on with endless conversations about cutting back on that because it just fritters away our money. So his promise is good for 6 months. That should really help us ensure our future discretionary spending on some level.

We submitted documentation for a pre-approval of home loan yesterday. We checked a really nice house this morning. After extensive searching and driving around neighborhoods, that house is so far the best of the lot. It's gotten cheaper in the last 8 months by almost $100K! We'll see what happens next.

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