Aug 21, 2008

House hunting update

We checked the property that we like twice - first from the outside and then from the inside. Despite being new and never lived in, we found its lack of considerable insulation a negative. It also didn't have railings in the closet spaces for us to put clothes in. So if the new owners moved in shortly after the sale, they'd have to get clothes from the boxes until they sort their closets. We only have a dresser for our baby so that's that.

Nonetheless, we made a conditional offer of $305K. The vendor said that they were willing to wait for our loan pre-approval to come through before they decide. After making an offer, all of a sudden the challenge went pfft from me. It does help to sleep through a big decision because we were able to process our motivation for getting the house. The big selling point of that property is that it's new and relatively modern and has decent space. The downside is that it's 30-minute drive to the city without traffic. There are still road works being done on the way to the area and I don't know how long that slows down rush hour traffic and I don't know when that will be finished. They are widening the roads so that's another plus. With the petrol prices getting people on their knees, that's one of the biggest things to consider.

But it's close to my favorite spot in the Hutt Valley. Sigh. I love that spot, with the river flowing in the middle of the park. Lovely sight! So postcard-like! :)

J had already emailed our landlord about our intention of moving out once we've found a place but they have not acknowledged it yet. We're willing to give our 4 weeks notice.

Okay, I'll keep you posted on this journey towards living in our own home.

Image courtesy of Manpura on Flickr.


  1. beautiful! i can't wait to explore the country.

    BF and I were looking idly on trademe this morning for houses...still WAY out of our price range! It's almost as bad as SoCal was!

    good luck on the house hunt! i hope you find something fitting your lifestyle!

  2. that's not the country yet but it looks like eh? :-P that's just 15 mins away from the city.

    it's exciting looking at houses and all. good thing that j and i are mostly on the same page about everything we want in a house.