Aug 8, 2008

August goal with moisturizer

Current plastic debt is close to this month's goal of $8,500. And it's only the 9th! We had to make some sacrifices - using savings to achieve that goal. The Westpac savings is close to depleted but we're better off having less debt than more.

Isn't it funny when you're in the journey towards a goal and something comes up to distract you? Last week I noticed my face moisturizer running low. I knew I had to get one soon but I didn't want to use the same brand. I had been wanting to try Living Nature Nourishing Day Cream since last winter but I held off because it's pricey. This week though, I didn't. I just thought that I waited for a year holding off so this year I will have to try it and if it works for me then good, but I might have to hold off again and try a cheaper brand. A 100ml bottle is $54. I don't regret buying it at all.

I also thought that maybe it was time to change brands because my chin and other areas around my mouth get itchy after using the old brand after an entire year. Figure that! I kind of have this theory that it's when the sun hits my face that does that. I don't know.

So anyway, that's the financial status we have right now. Not a lot of savings but with a little less debt.

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