Aug 2, 2008

Budget and diet

I'm starting off this entry without a particular subject in mind. I suppose I can just type on and on?

I was thinking the other day about not really enjoying pay days because our money is already accounted for. By Friday night, we've only got $200 left, which is also budgeted for groceries. Oh, I had the husband go to the supermarket on his own. Muirie suggested sending a man off to do this work because I said in this post that I have a tendency to stock buy. Actually, he didn't stock buy, he followed the list and more! He bought stuff that were in the backseat of my mind but still needed to be bought sooner than later, like dog food that we're running low on.

So I concluded from his trip that $200 is not a realistic budget for our family right now. Our baby has been eating a lot, solids and formula, that they are enough to get a chunk of that budget. I'm still undecided whether to up that to $250 or just $230. If you think about it $20 isn't big but it would be when totaled after a year's worth of grocery. Due to our healthier way of eating, we only bought veg and fruits and a bit of fish on our recent trip to PnS. It's the baby items that really kill the budget - nappies and formula.

On the topic of healthy eating, I finally fit in my pre-pregnancy jeans! Yay! I've been trying so hard to stick to live food but I still am drinking coffee daily, but there's not a day that I don't eat veg and fruit. J and I have been horrible this weekend, eating Indian takeaways, muffins I baked and cake from a kids' party we went to today. Ugh.

I learnt that fruit is best eaten on an empty stomach, otherwise their nutrients are turned to toxic waste when mixed with dead (heavily cooked, concentrated) food. I'm considering totally getting rid of red meat from my diet just because they offer NOTHING to the body. Not even protein. Yes, no kidding! I would not sacrifice seafood though. They do offer nutrients to the body. So far, I've not eaten red meat for a month now. I don't notice anything negatively happening in my body. In fact, I feel lighter and of course a tad slimmer. :)

One thing I also learnt and doing is not to mix protein and carbohydrates in a meal. All this new information is exciting me and gets my focus away from all this budget, which can be a blah at times.

It's the weekend and I've not done what I wanted to do all week - sort all my dry clothes! I'm really lazy this weekend!


  1. Where are you getting your info about food? Just curious if it's one place or several?

  2. I got all this info from the book "Fit for Life", which your local library should have. But the information I've read are basically supporting what my parents and grandparents have told me for years and years. The book supports all those old generation info with scientific facts so that really got me into the healthy eating habit i'm trying to be good at now.