Jul 14, 2008

Can I just give you my weight?

Weight giving
I'm really tired of the baby weight that I still have. Over the weekend, I was contemplating on the effort of losing the extra bulge. It's a lot. 30 pounds of stored energy everywhere. To lose that might just take a long while unless I become physically active, which I have not figured out yet. I don't have plans of buying clothes in my current size because I have TONS of clothes in my pre-pregnant size. I just never imagined to be in this weight for a long time. So, yesterday I have started with the effort. Slowly introducing a different eating habit. I bought a boring Special K Advantage cornflakes box for my breakfast at work. I started with a cup of cornflakes with a cup of trimmed milk today. I also plan not to store food in the fridge and just buy fresh food daily. This effort will obviously encompass J's journey towards having a healthy weight as well. Last night we had salad and tonight we'll have greek salad. This new eating habit will change our grocery buying. I'm getting good at buying just what I intended to buy when I'm in the supermarket so I'm not as reluctant as I used to be about this way of food shopping.

J and I agreed on our upcoming birthday presents for each other. He will "give" me 10 pounds off of his current weight, and I will give him at least 7 pounds off of mine. Our birthdays are 2 weeks apart and so I don't have much time coz his comes first at end of the month.

I plan to adopt the snowball concept in losing weight. I will begin with setting a realistic target weight loss of 5 pounds and work my way in increments of 5 once I achieve that. I only need to lose 30 pounds. I'm not sure what I'll look like less than that at 31, but definitely not like when I was a 105-pound college student at 17.

Good on me, mate
Because I did a great job in my previous project, my manager gave me at $100-on-them dinner :) I don't know when to use it yet, but that would be fairly easy to do.

Expensive friggin' bolt
Remember I said that installing that anchor bolt in the car for the car seat was around $22? Hah! I was sooo wrong! It was $56!!! J paid for it using our highest-interest-but-with-nicest-points-system credit card. I didn't really care at that time because it should not really cost us a lot, right? I'm thinking that the price of the bolt itself was significant. The guy who installed didn't even bother looking that the car seat came with the bolt. It would not be so good for the drilled hole to replace the bolt he put in so we just let it be. Now that I know how much it is, I'm going to sell our unused anchor bolt on Trademe this week.


  1. Tasha, good luck working on losing the baby weight. I need to get in shape myself...and I haven't even had a baby (I have no excuse!).

    I have a quick question...I'm trying to set up my budget...what comes out of your paycheck normally?? is it just federal taxes or do they tack on other deductions?? are there city taxes, local taxes, whatever?

  2. Only tax comes out (PAYE). oh, and also Kiwisaver (retirement) but that's because I'm enrolled. I think you can choose to opt out of it if you're not interested in saving in it.

    Got a job yet?

  3. nope, not yet...just anticipating. I'm filling out apps as I type. :) boyfriend has gone to bed finally, so I can focus all my energy on it!