Jul 19, 2008

Bye, bye, our wee car

We got an offer close to our selling price. We took it but J and I had a misunderstanding somewhere when we were talking about how much we could negotiate for. We could've gotten it for the actual selling price or maybe even more, but oh well, it's sold now. We have $400 cash deposit sitting on our desktop table awaiting deposit to the bank next week. We had this hour-long disagreement about it. We had an earlier offer of $7750, they negotiated twice for less. Then this afternoon this couple just showed up to check the car out and made an offer after taking it for a spin. However, J told them about the $7750 offer instead of the selling price of $7900. It only makes sense to say that somebody offered it, if not more than the selling price at least the exact selling price, right? I don't know why J assumed he could mention the lower offer. So they made an offer of $7800, just $100 short of the actual selling price! Ugh.

In a few days our net worth would go down by a couple thousands because the car was accounted for at our purchase price in 2006, but we sold it for $2200 less. Our liability will go down and so will the asset. But that's ok! Less debt, less insurance payment, and more money towards debt snowball.

However, I'm getting a bit emotional about bidding goodbye to our wee car. I told J that I want our picture taken with it tomorrow as keepsake. I will miss that economical and cute car! I said that at this time when petrol prices are high it doesn't make sense to sell that car but it doesn't make sense to have 2 cars either. Once my bus passes are used up I'm going to buy me a snapper card as my commitment to public transportation.

I feel bad for the couple who made the first offer because they paid for an AA inspection report yesterday worth $125. Oh well, such is life.

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  1. Good for you! We did the same thing. We downsized and no more gas, no more insurance payments and no more car repair bills. It's amazing to see where the savings lead to. We were able to knock down some of our credit card bills.