Jul 17, 2008

3 hourly diet

J and I have officially been on our 3-hourly diet this week. We eat every 3 hours and introducing more healthy food into our diet.

What we eat
We eat some of the usual stuff we eat but we are now eating vegetables everyday. I must say that I look forward to preparing our meals because I'm looking at varieties of cooking food nowadays. J is a sugar addict and it's not realistic to motivate him to diet by going cold turkey on yummy chocolates so I bought a bag of bite-size chocs that I include in his lunch box.

How we eat
Every 3 hours we eat portioned food that I prepare the night before. We eat our breakfasts at work, cornflakes with trimmed milk for me and muesli with yogurt for him. Lunch is a portioned salad of something and the afternoon snack is fruit. I've not figured out the drinks yet but we're pretty good about sticking to water so that's that. Dinners are just as light as lunch but we try to have a bit of meat in them. We have not eaten red meat in a week! We're going to try having chicken and seafood only for a long while.

Monitor progress
I created a table whose data feeds into a chart. I've not weighed myself in yet. I know I should have before I started with this diet but I don't expect to have lost already, but I do feel a bit of difference in my body now. I get hungry every 3 hours now! It's working!

Budget effect
So far we've spent $40 on food that isn't finished yet. It was a surprise to us that being conscious of eating is going to save us money too. We still have 3/4 of the half-kilo chicken strips I bought yesterday. I really think this diet is going to positively affect our budget and I'm super glad about that! Hitting 2 birds with one stone! I don't even need to buy my breakfast milk because it's free at work. :)

Compared to my previous post, my mood today is good. I love everything about life, except for debt. Living this frugal lifestyle made me realize that there is so much more to discover about channeling resources to live my life. I still look twice at a nice bag, nice shoes, nice clothes and have the urge to buy, but I have different goals now. I love this frugal thing. :)

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  1. one of my friends did this diet with her husband a few years ago and they both lost TONS of weight--and kept it off. my friend is now an aerobics instructor on her off-time, and is planning on running a marathon this year. eating small meals throughout the day seems to be the ticket to keeping your metabolism running smoothly. good luck!