May 1, 2008

May's grocery challenge

Back at Give Me Back My Five Bucks, there is a grocery challenge initiated. Funny reading it because I discussed with J (maybe a couple of weeks ago) about cutting down our grocery spending to $100/week, which is roughly $400 for the entire month.

This is a good time to begin the challenge because my folks are leaving this month. It's not so easy to stick to a challenge when there are guests around. Although they are leaving in the middle of the month I still feel that we can begin with the challenge and make progress as we go along.

I thought that we were gonna make it this pay period but we have gone over by some $60 now, so let's bring it next period! It will include our pack lunches, our dinners, baby formula and diapers, and throw in some pet food as well. Good luck to the challengers!

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