Apr 13, 2008

Wedding, gifts, budget

We received 4 gift cards with a total of $325, $100 of which was actually not a wedding gift but a thank-you gift to J at work. 3 of the gift cards are from Farmers and 1 from Freedom. I can't think of what to spend them for yet. Maybe it would be good to save them for much later, but I get excited. :)

We paid less than a thousand for the dinner and that made J happy. Not everybody made it though which was a little disappointing because as immigrants to NZ, and new to the country (2 years soon), we have very few friends to invite and celebrate special occasions with.

J and I enjoyed our wedding dinner reception. It's during moments like that that makes my financial worries go out the window even for a while. However, I'd like to note that since my previous post about deciding not to worry about finances as much as I did, I have been good about following through. Today though I thought about possibly having a weekly budget for grocery between $100 and $150. It just might work if we try to. Uhm. We have been spending roughly $300 for 2 or 3 weeks and it kind of pans out in the same way if I decide to micro manage it on a weekly basis.

I forgot to note that we had a decline in electricity bill since my parents have lived with us. It's strange but I'm not too surprised since my parents are frugal. They have been adamant about taking advantage of sunshine in drying clothes instead of using the dryer. I think that that contributed greatly to our electricity savings. They also don't like to eat out if they can help it although at this time of their lives they can choose splurge all they want and yet they don't.

We received 3 non-cash presents that I planned on keeping for a while until needed or until we have our own home and have a few new items to use/display. However J decided that he liked them used now and opened them and threw out their packaging. So now we have a vase that sits on our dining table that has nothing in it. We have decided to put colored marbles in it but I don't know where to put it that would look pleasing.

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