Mar 18, 2008

I want our own house

I think I might have mentioned in my past entries that we are going to rent until we pay off the student loan. As this is our biggest debt, and should only be once our CC debts are gone, we planned to pay it off aggressively within a period of less than 5 years. If we pay only the minimum, which we do now, it would take us roughly 8 years to pay it off.

Having my parents with us temporarily meant that they have taken interest in the property market here in NZ. They have been observing (or researching?) the neighborhood and the houses and their selling values. I think that a lot of home owners are trying to beat the crash and burn by selling their properties as soon as they can. My folks can't help but tell me to take advantage of that once the property values have calmed down. I think that they think that's happening soon.

My dilemma is how to take advantage of the property market crash with a big student loan still hanging above our heads. As per my ever wonderful parents, our rent could be part of a mortgage payment that could be slightly higher than rent. Of course they have a point but they don't know about the student loan.

I know it is possible and they cheer me up that J and I can do it. Of course we can despite knowing how tight finances will be as the baby grows. At this moment I think I better head back to sleep and dream of winning that lotto. Sometimes I'm tempted to bet on it at least once a month.

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  1. My only thought is to not get in over your head. Better to be stress-free and renting than own a house and be so stressed out you can't sleep!

    Have a fun day with your baby :)