Mar 19, 2008

Another credit card paid off!

I was staring at our budget-expense spreadsheet yesterday trying to work out a way to pay off some of our consumer debt as soon as possible. Then I had an idea of using a good chunk of our savings to pay off one card. I brought it up with J first, and he thought it was a great idea, and within an hour I made the payment. It feels good to know that we are inching our way into paying all of our debts despite having weak savings. Now we have 2 cards with $0 balances and one more card left to go. If only we have enough savings to pay it off we certainly would. It is our biggest card debt.

There will be upcoming expenses in April that are not part of our monthly items but I know that we will be able to pay them off in no time. It feels great knowing that my family's in good shape and is learning the discipline of money management day by day. Each day I get excited that our lovely boy is growing up, and although he is making us spend more, he pays us back with lots of cute toothless smiles!

If love were to be quantified, I'd be so damn rich! :)

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  1. Belated congrads on the little guy - he sounds a real cutie!