Jan 21, 2008

Splurging on pets

Our dog (or us?) celebrates his first birthday today. I found myself searching the Internet for birthday cakes for pets. I could buy one for $45, baked and ready, or for $19.95 for a recipe that needs baking. J always manages to change my mind about splurging on our pet like that, and tells me that our dog does not know it’s his birthday and that the dog doesn’t care.

I don’t go crazy on our pet. How could I? Our pet is my first pet ever. I have no idea about splurging on pets. My idea of splurging is when humans start treating their pets as humans - when they buy their pets items that humans would normally get for themselves. One thing I think is overboard is buying booties for dogs.

And although our dog didn’t get anything for his first birthday, I decided to splurge a bit on food today instead. Isn’t that the same thing (a.k.a. expense) in the grand scheme of personal finance management?


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