Sep 6, 2012

summer of little savings

I'm having the usual busy summer but since my folks got here, I've eaten out less. I think I've only eaten out twice in August. It's kind of weird but it's obviously a good thing for my pocket.

My Kiwisaver is finally cashed out. It's in our bank account sitting pretty, waiting for its transfer to the USA. That's it for NZ life.

Savings, like I posted last time, is slow. We even got lucky to have saved $150. Ha! So far this month we've saved $200. Always a good thing. Travel expenses are mostly paid off and tomorrow I fly to NYC with my folks! I'm somewhat excited, and I think it will kick in sometime in the afternoon as I wrap up my work week.

Jamison Square Park, Pearl District, Portland, Oregon
 I'm still reading about people who paid off debts of $30k and more. How in the world did they do that??? Man, they must've made some really big sacrifices to get to where they are today! I'm inspired and a little bit tired just thinking about it. :)

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