Jun 1, 2012

Changing minds

And it's June. Just like that, half the year almost gone. That means I'll get a year older soon. Dang. I'm going to be 40 in 5 years. 40!

Okay, after a week or so of looking for reasonably priced houses, I think I'm done for now. After doing rough calculations, the cost of owning a house right now with the down payment we've got will result to us paying slightly more than our current rent. Eh, no thanks.

What would be the point in getting a mortgage? Just to get a house? I'm not in a hurry just to call a structure ours. I like fluidity more than being a homeowner.

So we'll just keep saving. At this time, we can at least save 12.5% off our salary each month. This summer is starting great because in June we are forecasting a saving of 25%! That's HUGE!

I know that it's just a forecast and things can easily change. We plan on doing simple and cost-efficient summer activities like tent camping, visiting other parts of Oregon, maybe a weekend trip to Seattle, and exploring Portland neighborhoods. Do I feel good about that? If I think about the money saved, yes; but not very much enjoyment outside of that perspective. We've already gone to a fair, so to go to another would be overkill. Maybe I'll just go shopping. Haha! :-D

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