Nov 13, 2010

Market value down by $15k

Last week, many homeowners in NZ received their property's latest ratings from QV and they are not looking good.

Ours will be down by $15k as of July 2011. The worst part is that if you are going to sell your home now, just like us, the real estate agents will state the new market values in all the marketing aspects of the sale.

It sucks!!!

But life must go on and we can't keep moping about the fact. We are moving soon. J is going to begin his new job in Portland next month, while I stay here until the house is sold and to continue with the process for my PR visa. It's all exciting but plenty of work needs to be done, nothing insurmountable though.

I've been loving the weather as of late -- sunny, warm (sunny doesn't always mean warm in Wellington), and a great vibe from people everywhere!

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