Oct 17, 2010

What a busy life

Life has been busy and obviously I have neglected this blog. I'm currently on the road, making some big life changes to prepare for bigger ones.

As you know, I recently posted 2 entries on MyWorth - part of what I was busy about. Have any thoughts on the app?

Budget-wise, it has more room for extra savings. We need to put all of our extra moolah into savings for the big life changes that are coming. Moving overseas is gonna happen in a year's time.

Health-wise, my next appointment with a surgeon is in the first week of November. I meant to have it today but I'm not in town. I didn't get any answer when I enquired about what would the next appointment be about. I didn't really expect anything from an employee who manages appointments, but I still tried. Oh, the lump had gotten smaller by the way so that's a good thing.

I'm going for a hair cut and color. I've only colored my hair twice and I did a light job at it, but this time I want a dramatic change. I want it to transform from black to deep brown. :) Let's see what happens.

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