Apr 14, 2010

dented savings

Not so fun to pay off the card that we used for shopping weekend. The effect is lower projected savings this month. I'm still enticed by all the sales going on but I have a handle on it like how it has always been. The idea of getting a new pair of boots is still lingering and I think I'll crave into that but I'm not in a hurry. I get frustrated though becos there aren't so many style choices here in NZ. Seriously, shoe styles here need to catch up to overseas standards. There are more flat boots than those with heels. The prices make me cough especially after checking the quality and material.

So yes, no savings at all this month, or at least it feels like it. Plenty of catching up to do if we want to hit our target of at least $18k by end of the year. The trip to Queenstown is still a go and we'll pay it off again once purchase is done online sometime this month. One thing I'm annoyed about is the ever fluctuating exchange rate! I thought the strength the Kiwi dollar has on the greenback would make a slight difference to paying J's student loan this month but we're off by $15 from the budget.

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