Feb 11, 2010

why monthly goals work for me

I'm glad that I have monthly goals because they prove their worth when there are changes to my daily life that tend to set me into a tangent.

I gave J my very late Christmas gift that cost me to dip into savings. I went straight to updating our spending plan to keep the savings in the 5k limit, only to be reminded by my February goal to reduce our debt to a certain amount. So I decided to make the savings replenishment back to 5k the March goal, which already looks feasible.

On a side topic, what do you think about the tax reform proposals that have been going around?


  1. I can't pretend that I have a good understanding of it, but am not thrilled at raising GSt (even with tax cuts). I dunno. It sounds unnecesarily complicated...

  2. I'm quite okay about the GST raise IF the tax rate goes down by at least 8 %. But, yeah, I don't have complete understanding of it all yet either.