Jan 14, 2010

thank you day

We've been back and the grass in the yard needs a lot of weed whacking. Good bye to weekend rest. We got home today to find half of our front yard weed whacked. Somebody gave us a head start but we're not sure who. We are wondering if our next door neighbor did it. Whoever you are: Thank you!

Today was also our first pay day of the year. I adhered to the spending plan and paid down debts. Yoo hoo! I also visited an unwell friend who fed me lunch. Free yummy lunch! Thanks to her too!

A co-worker offered her weed wacker that we borrowed before without me asking. She just expected we'd need one after being away for a month. Thanks to her too!

Saw an episode on Oprah about Freeganism. While I think it's an experience to try, I'm still not sure about it but who knows. So, thanks Op and Lisa Ling for the episode! It's always good to be reminded about wasteful consumption.

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