Jan 7, 2010

learning about the US of A

I did not include J's US retirement fund in our total net worth. I thought about it late last year and a few days ago J updated our financial spreadsheet to include it, and I enhanced it a bit to track its equivalent in NZ$. That explains the jump in our net worth badge on the side.

We have discussed topping it up upon our move to his homeland. Currently, our priority is his Kiwisaver here and our debt payments. So long as he has retirement building up, we're not too worried about his TIAA-CREF. I wish we could contribute to it though.

On the subject of the move, I have 2 of the required documents with me now and we will send it to the embassy in January. I'm so glad that he had filed his taxes for his NZ earnings in November. He needs to make a follow up on that. I'm still learning the ropes about the US: taxes, retirement, banking system, etc. It's disheartening to see how low the savings interests are! How can anybody ever rely on passive income from their savings there, I don't know.

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