Nov 2, 2009

J's up for a work interview

J has an interview this week for a job that is aligned with his career goals. I'm excited for him. If he gets offered (and he accepts, which I'm sure he would), our plan to move overseas would wait awhile. Maybe another couple of years in NZ so that we can finally tour South Island! We already have our IRRV so anytime we'd want to move back it can be done. :) I just made that sound so easy, didn't I?

My dear husband is hoping to negotiate the salary - anything more than I make even if it's just $1. I currently make $7k more than him. He is funny. He is also hoping to negotiate for parking. We don't pay for parking at his workplace at the mo.

I wish him luck! I know he'll do well, but nonetheless! He is one of the 2 shortlisted applicants for interview. They have reserved 2 more for interview in case neither J or the other one makes it through.

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