Sep 4, 2009

random sharing

Lately I have been having interesting conversations with a co-worker who is in the process of re-structuring their financial lifestyle. They saw a financial adviser recently who told them that they'd hate her for weeks after doing a review of their finances and presenting to them a plan.

One morning my co-worker approached me and asked about how our household go about the whole planning and budgeting thing. Ha, like I'm the one to be asked! Before that day our team were talking about budgeting so I guess that's why my co-worker got curious.

It's nice to know that people are getting really proactive nowadays. It's different to read about them on blogs and articles from actually knowing people who go through the process.

On another item, our grocery spend is looking good. We've spent $254 and we still have enough in our pantry and freezer to last us a week. The big bag of nappies have just been opened and will last for more than a week. The kiddo is drinking less and less formula now. Things are going great so far. J is still searching for jobs in the US and have applied for 3 I think. Who knows when he'd get a positive response. Another co-worker have been mentioning our "move" when I really didn't talk about it openly.  Perhaps talking about my kid's US passport did that.

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