Mar 31, 2009

still on health insurance

So far I found these 3 links (see end of post) discussing having health insurance in NZ. Of course just like any insurance, it's all about paying for the UNKNOWN.

I suppose the question really is - are we willing to risk the unknown?

I don't know if we can. We have a toddler, and while public health is very good here in NZ there's still a huge waiting list. Time is crucial especially when it comes to health. What if one of us gets sick of something horrible that needed immediate care and the long waiting list is filled with urgent cases as ours? I'm scared but this fear was borne of HAVING the insurance. Before when we didn't have it there was no fear. What the...?

At some point J and I will decide and we're gearing towards canceling it. Who knows. We keep changing our minds anyway. We have covered the unknown and our pre-existing conditions or anything related to them that might happen will not be covered. That's a blah. Anyway, here are the links.

Health Insurance articles


  1. Anonymous1/4/09 02:39

    Hey, I just discovered your blog today - it's nice to see another PF type blogger from NZ, there don't seem to be many! Just thought I'd chuck in a guess for your debt reduction challenge....say $11,500?

    Can't really advise you on health insurance. We don't have any but we're super young and (touch wood) healthy, BF did have free basic health insurance through work but he has since been laid off. I guess in a few years if my company offered some sort of plan at a reasonable price I might sign up. $42 a week sounds steep to me! But I suppose it comes down to whether you can afford it, because it's definitely not a BAD thing to have for peace of mind.

  2. Thanks for reading my blog, eemusings! :) It's very good that you're on top of your finances at such a young age. I wish I were when I was your age :( but I'm catching up and it's a fun journey.