May 1, 2009

honoring their quote

J received a call from Energy Smart telling him that they will honor the quote they gave us excluding the subsidy. That is $2,700.

No, thanks.

We opted for Poly Palace for $1,975. It's only for underfloor but their product has a higher rating, which means warmer insulation. We already have ceiling insulation but needs topping up. We'll see what the underfloor insulation can do and go from there.

According to our budget spreadsheet, we probably can install underfloor insulation in June if my dental fees don't go beyond $2k. I cross my fingers!


  1. Hey, you might want to check if May is a good time to get the insulation under the floor installed. We were told not to do it in winter as it would be damp and insulating would trap that dampness. So we had to wait until the end of summer to do it.. Definitely recommend it though! our power bill for April was only 2/3 of what it was last April.. and we still haven't got our heater out!

  2. Thanks for that advice, Muirie! We'll definitely contact Poly Palace to find out more about that. Cheers!