Apr 17, 2009

gifts galore

J and I recently celebrated our first anniversary as husband and wife. I must admit that I'm not fanatic about gift giving just because there's an ocassion. I believe in giving gifts just because. I know, you're probably thinking "Hello, it's your first wedding anniversary!!!"

He was away on a business trip on the anniversary day but he still managed to get me a book - Rich Dad's Guide to Investing - and a surprise photo album of our first year that I accidentally came upon. It's already way past our anniversary date when I thought of a great gift for him - tickets to De La Soul's show here in Wellington!

The tickets were $83 each, which I will pay with my allowance. Not the cheapest but he loves them. He's an 80s child. I feel that the wait was justified although I could've done better by being on time. What sucks about Ticketek is having a charge of $8 for picking up the tickets when you buy online. I really don't understand why! I forgot that there's a Ticketek office very close to my work. Why am I being ripped off these days?

The show is on a Tuesday night so we'll have to ask friends if they could babysit for us. If not, then look for sitters that would probably cost a lot. I've never tried that before so if you have suggestions please pass them on.

Have a great weekend!

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