Apr 15, 2009

back at one

I was disheartened to find out yesterday that we can no longer extend the insulation quote we received 3 weeks ago. J called to ask for extension as we planned to install ceiling and underfloor insulation in May.

Our contact person didn't seem to know how to break the news to us because apart from us not being able to avail the same quotation anymore, their price increased and there are no more funds for subsidy!!! The subsidy was around $600! The quote was $2,700 and he said that for the new price we'd have to prepare around $3,500. Bummer. :(

We're back to square one. We've been searching for new companies to request quotes for. We are considering getting Pink Batts and contract an installer. Pink Batts is only for wall and ceiling so we'll contact Expol who do those and underfloor.

We suspect that the change in price with Energy Smart is due to a recent news about the government's insulation fund taking place. Much as we'd like to wait for that, chances are official news will be revealed in the next financial year on 1 July. That's the middle of freezing winter. We can't wait although if we really tried to endure the cold we could. Our home isn't really super cold but it could really use better insulation to save energy, money, and provide comfort.

While we are on search again, we'll be saving us much as we can until May because that was our April goal. We'll have aroung $3k by then and then back to channeling all extra money to debt payments.


  1. We have just installed Silverzone.. its got a higher R rating than expol and was cheaper :)
    Let me know if you want details..

    It is also really easy to install (well so I'm told.. my fiance did it!) as long as you have some ground clearance to get under the house..
    It has made SUCH a difference to our house its amazing

  2. Anonymous16/4/09 13:53

    You should look into a radiant barrier - they are really great at lowering utility bills. Checkout http:\\www.radiantguard.com

  3. Hi Muirie and Anon, thank you for your suggestion. We'll certainly take that into advisement. :)