Mar 19, 2009

what would you feel if...

...your partner/spouse decided to stop the weekly weigh-in/meetings at Weight Watcher's because it was costing you money?

Each visit is $17.90 and J told me that if he wanted to really lose weight he didn't need the meetings to do it. I'm concerned that my aggressive attitude towards debt reduction would make him resent me. He has followed through and I already budgeted for his weekly visits totaling $35.80 fortnightly. I also notice how he's starting to get lean. I don't go to meetings or even plan to be a member of any group, but I benefit from his enthusiasm. We cook healthy meals that even our baby likes to eat.

You see, this decision has been eating me because J wasn't motivated to lose weight for the longest time. Now that he is, I feel that I killed or curbed the weigh-in part of it because it costs money. What do you think?


  1. why don't you guys have your own weekly weigh ins at your house? Or see how he does without the meetings? Can he go twice a month instead of every week?

    If he feels like he needs the weekly meetings after skipping them for a while, then he should go back...but why not experiment a little?

    I'd tell him that it was up to him!

  2. For one, our scale isn't perfectly working. He says he doesn't need the weekly meetings or any other meetings at all, but I am supportive of the possibility that he will change his mind and do at least once a month. I will suggest that and see what happens.

    I didn't tell him about stopping the meetings/weigh-ins, and I'd rather he goes but not pay. Wish they didn't charge at all especially after paying for membership already!