Mar 15, 2009

switching insurance saved us money

After shopping around for insurance we decided to switch from AA to AMI.

We have insurance for our car, home and contents. We were loyal to AA since moving to NZ and though we had "discount" for being AA members, I was surprised to find out that there were cheaper finds out there! I read about switching insurance plenty of times but because we had member's discount I thought that it couldn't get any better than that.

After a week of shopping around, J called AA to find out whether they could lower our insurance because we got quoted for less. They declined, even saying that our quote might not even include the coverage that they offer us. Duh. Of course I made sure that the quote we had asked for covered exactly the same coverage we had with them. Because of that declination, we decided to go with AMI's Multisaver that saves us money more!

For the combined insurance we were paying about $110 a month. With AMI it's now $90. $20 savings! I'm planning to pay off each annual premium one at a time. I'm sure that can be done before the year's over. I'm just excited to save a total of $240 a year!

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