Mar 2, 2009

diet update

Two days into WW dieting and we're doing well. J has been very solid about following what's on the menu, while I sip wine after dinner. I'm not sure how many points half a glass of wine is, not yet, but I'm not monitoring points while doing the Fast Start. I'm simply eating with J and the food has been fantastic!

If you're the type of eater who likes to be full, the diet might be a "crash" for you. We have leftovers from our previous meals, like half a cup of chick peas or a cup of tomato soup, and that just means we can definitely use them for the last 3 days of this period that I was worried about after shooting up food budget.

We are eating until we're satisfied and I think that's one of the goals of the diet. We had lean sirloin last night and I was unable to finish an entire small piece! I can't believe it. The dog was happy about that. :)

And so the saga of dieting continues. If we manage to continue with this way of eating, we'll definitely save money. I'm planning to get a kitchen scale today and I hope to find a cheapo at the Warehouse. I can estimate weight but only to some degree, and I'm afraid that I've overdone some ingredients by a bit. I'm sure J wouldn't be pleased with that. :p

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  1. Good for you for changing your eating habits. Eating well is insurance for your health and can lead to savings for your wallet, too, if you're careful about it. Growing your own food saves money. You know you don't use pesticides and it's right outside your door! Talk about convenient!