Feb 2, 2009

wasting food makes me sad

Before we left for our month-long holiday, J and I promised that we'll be going on a healthy diet on our return. And yes, we are keeping our promise.

In doing so, there is a slight change in our grocery shopping style. Of course the only way we can eat fresh is to buy fresh, which means that we can only buy fruits and veggies good for 3 days at most. Without paying attention to my previous shopping we ended up finishing our fruits and veggies within 3-4 days. That means that our grocery visits will be often now. I'm so happy that we have no dying fruit or veg in the fridge that's ours.

Well, the house sitter is still with us for another week. He requested for an extension as he's moving into their own home when he leaves to move into the house he bought. He has this nasty habit of cooking more than what he needs, stash the leftover in the fridge, and most likely to forget all about it or just not want it anymore and off he starts with another food. The other night he boiled 8 eggs. 8 eggs and he only ate 2, and left the rest in the pot overnight. Gross. J and I ended up finishing the rest of the eggs and cleaning up the fridge by taking out and tossing all of his dead leftovers, cooked and uncooked, in the bin. And he complains that NZ has expensive food. Hah.

I'm lucky that we eat what we buy. We have big efforts to buy what we can only consume. I remember when I was young that I couldn't get myself to throw my leftover rice that I would keep it in the fridge so I could eat it. One time I had to cook rice and there was spoiled batch in the cooker. I prayed to God to forgive me for wasting all that food! I swear!

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  1. Eating fresh foods is insurance for your health and your wallet as well if you're smart about it. It sounds like you are. It's amazing to see how small changes can lead to big things in terms of your health. Good for you for taking the steps to live more healthily.