Sep 16, 2008

I like to move it, move it

We are moving to our own home in mid-October. It is very exciting and we are looking forward to it. In the meantime there are some things we need to sort out.

Wanted: New Tenants
Because we are still in our fixed-term lease, we have to find new tenants to take over the rest of the lease of 6 months with the option to renew. We have received at least 5 interests since posting it just 2 days ago. There are a couple of scheduled viewings this week and that makes it all positive for us. Hopefully that can only mean somebody will take over immediately. Cross fingers!

Movers and shakers
This move is big and we can't rely on our friendly friends to help us this time. We are hiring movers so that we can smoothly transition in just one weekend. We also need to clean the apartment before we really leave it. We contracted a company that was the cheapest after requesting quotes from so many companies - $90/hour GST inclusive for 2 men and a truck. They are packing too! We are packing clothes ahead of time and will disassemble the items that need to be to save time and cost. Currently, I'm expecting a total of 3 hours for the service including delivery with 1 hour for buffer on top of that.

Spring barbie
Barbie is Kiwi for barbeque. We are thinking of holding a spring barbeque with friends for our house-warming. They are pretty excited for us and are keen to see the property for themselves. That would be some expense so we'll need to save for that. November would be a good month to have a backyard bbq after a month of settling in.

Washing machine and the Naked Chef
We didn't get Electrolux after all. We got Bosch MAXX EuroWasher front loader. I really didn't care what kind of loader we got but J was adamant we get a front loader. It was cheaper by around $1K. However, J bought me the Jamie Oliver Professional Series 5-piece cookware set. Made me really happy! I've always wanted a decent set of cookware and we got it for 50% off ($399). If it were not on sale I would NEVER consider getting an $800 cookware set. I'm loving the cookware. You can really tell the difference between cheap-low quality and pricey-high quality items. I can't hear boiling water in the new pots. It's amazing. It would be our cookware for the next millenium. :)

Change of address
We'll be subscribing to ChangeMyAddress again. I love this service by NZ Post. It doesn't matter whether we itemise the companies we want to notify, but all mails are automatically forwarded to the new address. Nifty eh?

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  1. good to know about the change address thing! I will be moving in the next few months, as well!

    congrats on all the great buys!