Sep 25, 2008

Bus drivers on strike in Wellington

Wednesday morning was a walk-to-your-work day. I didn't realize that bus drivers continued with their strike until some guy told a woman waiting with me at a bus stop that they went on strike. I walked a kilometer to work in very windy weather. Good thing I wasn't wearing heels!

I wonder how much those bus drivers are losing money each day they are on strike. They are asking for at least 8% increase in their salaries. I feel for them, especially if they have young kids. They earn at least $13/hour.

That's just plain unfair.

How in the world are they able to support a family with that? It's crazy and sad at the same time. They should increase their salaries to at least $15 as a minimum! Driving is not the safest job to do. To sit on your butt for 8 hours is already a negative as a driver. Top that with the responsibility of ensuring safety of your passengers is enough of a reason to get more remuneration.

I support you bus drivers!

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  1. Hey! i thought of you when i heard about the strike on the news yesterday. I commented to my BF that 'my blogging friend in Welly takes the bus to work! I wonder how she's getting there now?' Hee.

    Glad to know that walking is an option for you. Agreed about the bus drivers' renumeration!