Aug 27, 2008

Continue reducing the temptation

A month or so ago, I requested for an increase to my credit card limit. I received the documentation that only needed signing but I kept postponing just because I didn't really need to. I don't know why I even asked. The other day I just requested for a reduction by $2,000.

My plan is to reduce our total credit limit to half by end of the year. Once our balance falls below half of the limit, I will immediately request for a chop off. When all plastic debt is gone, I plan to retain around $1,000 but I've yet to decide on that.

The customer service agent asked the question twice - "You want to reduce your credit limit?"


That must be a bizarre question from a requesting customer. :) She also told me a standard line that I'm going to receive a letter in the mail that I need to sign to confirm my request. That same letter also states that I have 3 months to reinstate my original credit limit. I must admit that I felt great being tried to be won back, but I will no more fall for the trap that I'm attractive to credit lenders.

But I'm proud that we are taking small steps that have long-term benefits. I think I also posted about getting rid of the overdraft facility we had. All in all, we've gotten rid of $3,000 credit available to us in less than a week and we're not even feeling the loss at all.

I'm such in a happy state these days with the increase in income, consistent reduction in debt and meeting our August goal, and sticking to our budget! It's all falling in place. :) I feel such a functional adult making wise decisions. I'm making mama proud, if only she knew. :)

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