Jun 11, 2008

When the focus shifts

I'm glad that I'm back working because it shifts my focus from dwelling on debt reduction to being productive. I read somewhere about a PF blogger who needed a break from constantly thinking of ways to reduce debt. I share his sentiment.

During my maternity leave, if I weren't taking care of my baby, I was staring at our budget. Literally. It seemed as though I were trying to manipulate it to magically make our debt disappear. J was laughing at the thought that I could and would stare at the budget if I had the
time for it.

So now I have no time for that. I only have minutes every day to update it with that day's spending (and sometimes saving). Having my focus shifted has also allowed me to see the progress of our net worth. It's true that when you see one thing all the time it doesn't
appeal as good as it should be. It also makes days go by faster. I can't believe I've been busy working for 6 weeks now!

Every day is debt reduction day. At this time I'm just better at handling the idea of it. Before it was every day is debt reduction day is stressful day. That last bit is not entirely gone, but it's not as terrible.

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