Jun 7, 2008

Weekly review: 2-6 June

I almost forgot to post this weekend! I was busy polishing our budget spreadsheet because there are a few unplanned changes that had to fit in the budget.

Car registration
Received a notification from Land Transport NZ that our car's registration is due end of the month. Unfortunately, our 2nd half of the month is our bill-paying half, I had to sit down and make the necessary adjustments to our budget. I ended up paying it this period. Goodbye, $183.

Dog registration
This was already budgeted for but, unfortunately, will fall in the half end of the month. Next pay period is gonna be tight.

The baby is starting daycare on the 23rd. We changed our caregivers because at the last minute, the one nearest to us had called and we just had to grab that spot. We paid our bond of $212 this week. It will cost us $19 more a fortnight but considering the rising price of petrol these days, we think it's just wise to choose the one closest to home. $424 starts next budget period. By the end of the year, we'll have paid around $6,600! Imagine that! Can't wait for his free ECE when he turns 3.

Debt reduction
It's moving slowly, especially with the addition of childcare it's not gonna go away anytime soon. If anything, we'll probably still have bits of it by Christmas. Hope not! I'm still not enjoying my allowance. It still gets snowflaked towards debt.

Our baby's retirement had started. We committed $50/month to that for, well, until further notice. I don't plan on putting money in it for a long time because he has to learn to save for his own retirement! We are still saving money for his education too, so we're ensuring that we save more for our retirement.

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