May 12, 2008

I'm a new PayPerPost postie!

I sure did wait to get approved. I think it was back in December 2007 when I applied but I needed 3 months because it was that month when I launched this blog. It needed to mature (to 90 days!) first.

So what I did was to install a PPP tool as you can see in the smaller column. I like the idea of getting paid for posting what I like to talk about, which obviously is personal finance. I don't remember where and when I saw PayPerPost, but it definitely was from another PF blog. I thought back in the day that I could maintain a blog and make it earn. It wasn't too long when I learned it wasn't that easy! Not many people seem to want to follow my blog so that it could earn money. :) I think if I focused too much on blogging for money, I would not have been able to enjoy the true essence of blogging.

Now, uhm, this is my first post for PayPerPost. See the link down there? Yep. Hopefully this will only mean good money for really good content. That means I have to be creative! That's the big challenge. Haha! I also hope to meet friends through PPP to learn from their experience as PPP posties. I know that this is spreading the word but there is such a thing as word of mouth ethics that everyone should respect.

Due to the nature of this blog, all the PPP money earned will get snowballed to debt payments, maybe a treat here and there. Maybe!

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