Apr 3, 2008

Some guys get all the luck

There are actually 2 lucky people - me and J.

Why me? The other day, a cold rainy day, I decided to brave it and mail our wedding dinner invites and deposit a cheque into J's account. On our way back home (I was with my mom), my passport accidentally fell out of my raincoat. Why I had it with me? It was actually in the bag I was carrying that day and when we bought a couple of big sized things we decided to put them in the bag. I wanted to protect my passport from getting crushed so I put it in the inner pocket of the raincoat I was wearing. The raincoat was J's and I didn't know that the inner pocket wasn't stitched at the bottom. So yesterday I got a call from an old man named Tim and met him at McDonald's Newtown. I was convinced that it was damaged from the rain but to my surprise it wasn't! I was already calculating how much it would cost us to replace my passport and the returning resident's visa in it ($220 in fact). I am so lucky I got it back in perfect condition!

Why J? His dad decided to give him his 1964 Series 1 E-Type Jaguar Convertible! Wow! He has loved it since he was 5 years old. Sweet as. :)

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