Jan 5, 2008

pricey comfort

for almost a month now i've been sleeping on the couch in the lounge (NZ's term for the living room). i had to move out of the bedroom because the bed was killing my back. i was having horrible nights just trying to get some decent sleep. the couch, meanwhile, is my saving grace. no more aches and pains! this last month of the pregnancy is making me more tired and making me nap almost everyday!

so anyway, what does it mean to sleep in the lounge? well, i have this nasty habit - i like to sleep with the tv on, when i can. it just helps me drift to sleep especially when i want to sleep already. it usually isn't a problem because i turn the timer on to a maximum of 30 mins. if by then i'm still wide awake then i adjust it some more.

the issue now is that we have a complicated entertainment setup. if i turn the tv's timer off, it will just turn the tv off and not the speakers. so i could be asleep and the tv off but there is still sound. i am guilty because i'm trying to be financially smart goddamit! but as most of frugalites know, comfort comes with a price.

my only consolation is that once i give birth i'm gonna be back in the bedroom with j. he is super supportive of this tv thing and when he wakes in the middle of the night to pee or take the dog out to pee, he comes to the lounge and turns the entertainment system off and gives me some kisses and cuddles before heading back to bed. very sweet guy!

and so, although, last month's electricity bill was only $35 (very low due to being away on holiday), i am already preparing myself for the inevitable. i just cross my fingers that it wouldn't be so bad like winter electricity bills!

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