Jan 23, 2008

Help me decide, please!

I’m still not decided where to allocate my maternity subsidy. Here in NZ, J and I get paid every fortnight and on the same day. The next payday is on 31 Jan, next is 14 Feb, and so on and so forth.

I will still get paid on 31 Jan for at least half of my fortnightly pay because my maternity leave does not officially start until 28 Jan. My maternity benefit starts on 7 Feb, which falls in the week between 2 paydays, and the rest of the benefit will be deposited to me every 2 weeks following that date. Our spreadsheet tracks our incomes and expenses based on our pay schedule. I can't adjust our spreadsheet just because I'll be on maternity benefit for 14 weeks.

So my question is to which payday should I allocate my maternity benefit, the prior (31 Jan) or the latter (14 Feb)?


  1. Hi Tasha,
    that's a tricky one. I suppose the easiest way would be to find out when the majority of your bills are due (ie the begiining, middle or end of the month). If it were me I would opt for the Jan 31 for the benefit to begin. CONGRATULATIONS! on the new baby.

  2. Hi! Thanks for the tip. About 60% part of me thinks Jan 31 is the better date to allocate it to. I suppose it doesn't much matter as I can just carry over whatever's left to the next period. But yeah, 31st it is :)