Dec 16, 2007

show you the money

or show you the lack of... the sidebar now shows you our current financial status (debts vs. savings). i've yet to include the hire purchases when i get the latest digits on them this month.

it's liberating in a way to have the guts to show the world what we have and what we owe. my partner has no idea that i'm doing this blog! i'm sure he'll find the blog cool, but i'm not sure what he'd think about the entries i posted about his financial personality.

looking at the sidebar i can't help but compute the totals of every category. just by looking, i can tell that our debt is more than our savings. i don't even have my partner's student loan included in there. i have this thinking that it's HIS debt, not mine. although we pay (roughly) $600/month for it, i'd feel better if he'd monitor its progress instead of me. although, again, i monitor almost every financial aspect of our relationship. ok maybe at some point in the near future i would include it in the sidebar. we'll see.

i'm sure somebody out there would think that i should use part, if not all, of our savings to pay for credit card debts. i sure would like to be credit card debt free but i'm going on maternity leave soon for 14 weeks. i'll only get government subsidy of about $390/week instead of my salary of, well, much more than that. we'll need the "emergency fund" when the baby pops out of me.

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