Dec 18, 2007

earning money from adsense

i started blogging in 2002 and that was a long time ago! i actually started in 2001 but forgot all about it because i was too busy with my career at that time. i learnt of blogger/blogspot in 2002 when i was choosing my first real blog but chose another product that ended up not being improved by its owners. i think i will abandon it fully as i focus on this blog more.

thinking about that length of time, i can't help but feel regret that i didn't start considering earning money from my blogging then. however, that blog was personal more than anything and i was glad it remained anonymous over those years. i'm not so keen about sharing emotional problems in details.

now i'm putting a couple of ads in this blog in hopes that it rakes in some income. after all, i'm supposed to "get money smart", which means trying to create as many income streams as possible right? i can't believe when i read stories of bloggers earning hundreds or thousands from adsense! i'm trying my luck in that arena and hope that i'm not too late.

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