Aug 14, 2009

the move, intro

Whew! What a day it has been. Have been catching up on chores, especially laundry, this weekend and they're not finished yet. J tries to help despite his busy schedule. He is nice. :)

The kiddo is now officially an American with passport and birth registered and SSN in the process. While in Auckland, we decided to begin my immigration papers. Still have yet to submit police clearance from countries where I lived for a year, but I don't think I need to submit one when I lived in Kuwait cos it wasn't officially 365 days of being there. Still also need to file for J's taxes paid while here in NZ. We target to move in 2011.

The whole idea of moving was stressing at the beginning. It made me feel uprooted and just plain stressed. We've discussed so far about selling everything as much as possible. J's apologised to me for this decision because had we known we'd move within 5 years of living here we'd never consider buying a house. He thought that he would be fine living so far away from his mom even after she dies. Apparently he really couldn't stomach the idea of being so far away from her in case she needs support. She is now 68 and is sick. He wouldn't be able to forgive himself if something happened to her and he is too far away to come to her. She doesn't have much of a reliable support system around her, particularly the financial aspect of it. J's now looking for jobs and had applied for a position in his previous employer in New York.

The trip to Auckland was fun. We got to see more this time because we made sure the kid gets something good out of that trip. The hotel was paid for in advance and we dined in nice places just becos we feel it's justified considering the lifestyle we have now since having a child. Glad to report that we did a good job spending there.

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