Jun 2, 2009

update on dental health + more

This is an entry I made weeks ago but didn't publish. Enjoy! Will update post-dental work in a few days.

I've been in my hometown for 5 days now. I've managed to see 2 dentists and have had work started in my mouth. After 2 different x-rays, it was found out that my broken tooth was already dead. The only reason I had agreed with the dentist is long-term trauma. I used that tooth way too much on things I shouldn't, like opening a bag of chips tearing it open with my tooth when my hands couldn't do the job.

It's looking like I will spend approximately $1,300 on 3 root canals and 3 crowns. Not bad, eh? Of course as I'm on sort of holiday, I can't help but buy stuff and I have gotten socks, underwear and shirts for J. My mom can't help herself but buy his grandson clothes and I had already stopped her. She gets him bigger sizes in anticipation for the next year or two. I'm quite excited that J has now new socks cos his current ones are nearing death.

I also found out that a close friend got pregnant! While I'm happy for her, I'm not happy that she's considering marrying her (on and off) bf of 5 years. My parents and I have constantly told her against the guy because it's obvious that he's not that into her. He's not ready to marry her and we don't think he loves her truly. In fact she told me 4 months ago that they have finally broken up, and I didn't really expect that would last. It has became an inside joke.

Although life is not so easy in this recession, I'm sure that she can cope with the responsibility of being a single parent. She doesn't earn that much so I get worried how it would turn out, but just like any parent I'm sure that she'd provide for her child despite everything. Sometimes I wonder if I really know her. It took me awhile to realize that she didn't want to not be in a relationship. It was her validation that she was loved and wanted. It made me sad and at one point I tried to convince her to be single for 6 months. She just ends up dating the next available guy. That's what she's like. She even admitted to me that if she found a better guy than her bf, she would leave him. Where's the love in all that?

And so, with all this news about my friend, I don't know whether it makes sense for me to even try convincing her not to marry him. I actually did by telling her that annulment (the only legal form of separation in my home country) is not cheap. I was disheartened when she told me that if that ever happened it would be the guy's responsibility to pay for that. I really got disheartened :( I don't know why she ended up with that kind of mentality. It's sad to know someone who thinks that her guy is the only guy on earth.

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