Mar 22, 2009

bye bye Sky

In a month's time we will be ceasing our Sky TV subscription. We're just waiting for our contract to end in April. Our monthly bill is $81.53 and we have decided that we need to scrimp on our lifestyle and downgrade to something else for entertainment.

The first year of living in NZ was quite the frugal year but we succumbed to lifestyle inflation, hence where we are now. We were subscribed to Fatso (NZ's version of Netflix) before it can afford to do TV ads and we will be going back. We liked them up until we got bored. We thought we missed having cable and when we subscribed to one we just watch movie and local channels. It's really moot to have cable now.

For unlimited DVDs borrowing 2 at a time, the monthly cost is $27.95. This will work for us because we usually watch shows that are on local channels anyway, like Ugly Betty, Brothers and Sisters, Top Chef, etc. We won't be able to record these shows anymore so either we adjust our schedule to work around the shows we want to watch or continue with our current schedule and miss the shows.

It will be an adjustment. I wish Ugly Betty were on prime time so that we could watch while the kid's already in bed. The future entertainment switch will save us $53.58/month, for a total of $642.96/year!!!

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