Apr 25, 2008

Bills, etc

It's not winter yet here in New Zealand but it's getting chilly, hence the need to start using heaters. As my few readership know, my folks are here until next month and coming from a tropical country they are freezing at 15C already.

As soon as our orders (1 tiny and cute furnace and 1 oil heater) arrived, they were put to good use. The furnace runs from late afternoon until around 10PM. My folks use an electric blanket running all night and sometimes the furnace to push the cold air out of their room. We use the oil heater but lately have started using the furnace as well.

Last billing cycle, I was surprised that our bill was less than $100. It was usually between $110 and $120. I kinda knew something would surprise me. And it did! Our current bill is at its highest this year at $200! I was expecting around $150, but well, it's cold and there are 5 people living in our home at the moment.

I forgot to blog about our breadmaker purchase. I love that invention! We make our own breads now but I'm not sure if I can justify the electric usage. Baking one requires at least 3 hours of electricity. When I read the increase of basic commodities though, I feel that justifies it in addition to eating home-made bread - warm and yummy!

When J read about the rice price hikes a month ago, we immediately decided to buy 2 25kg bags. A few days before that we bought a 25kg bag as well, which went directly to our rice box. I know it can sound excessive to non-rice eaters but to me, a rice eater, it's not. Good thing rice does not spoil.

Oy! All these price hikes and troubles all over the world! I really wonder what it will be like in 10 years time. Maybe we should really get ourselves a house soon. I mean the interest we computed for is in today's dollars. It's not like $400,000 today still has the same value in 25 years time.


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