Jan 14, 2008

Would you bother getting back your $10 refund?

While I was awaiting my turn with help desk in Plunket office today, a woman was returning a baby capsule and a stroller. The Plunket person did the standard check of the units and noticed that one strap somewhere at the bottom of the stroller had a bit of a damage. It wasn't broken because it still strapped. She asked the woman if it had been there before she rented the stroller and the latter replied that she really was not sure because she never really found the need to use it. While doing the paperwork to release the check to refund her deposit, she was told that $10 would be deducted from her $35 deposit due to the damage. She was even asked if she minded that and she said no. I was actually surprised that she didn’t assert that she really did not know and never used that particular strap. I suppose she was in a hurry having left her child in the car and just couldn’t be bothered with $10. I’m not sure if I would do the same but I think I’d ask what my options are. Wouldn’t you try to get your $10 back?

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