Jan 8, 2008

we bought an iMac

we saw a refurb iMac 17-inch 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo for a little over $1,000 with free shipping. we bought it.

so yes, i've been blogging using the new white baby at home. i love it! after using j's slow and broken macbook, it's time to replace it.
about 4 months ago, or for as long as i can remember, we've been talking about staging an accident for the macbook to get it replaced using our content's insurance. we've obviously not done it. we're too conscientious individuals to do such a thing i suppose. when the macbook finally dies though, i'm not sure what j would do about it. maybe get a new one? but what would we do with 2 computers at home? one for each? is that frugal lifestyle?
i used CC1 to pay for this new iMac. so much about paying it off this month! hah! but i don't regret it because we have been good about spending and we deserve it. plus, who knows if we'll ever get a new one once the baby arrives. this is a good deal too! i guess the reason for justifying it is because i felt that i was being hypocritical. sometimes i feel bad about our debts, but when i see other people's total debts i see that my side is greener in more ways than that.
it is officially the first Apple product i bought. i'm quite pleased. :)

photo courtesy of transintl.com

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