Mar 17, 2010

lost new things

Update on The Move. J has been in contact with US Immigration to clarify some things like expiring application. Whew, luckily there isn't such a thing but they have protocols about maintaining it active or they purge it. My other police report expires in December this year so it's either I get a new one before that expires or we work around that and fly before then. Most likely the first one would be the choice with our plan to move next year.

Update on home improvement. Leak fixing is to begin (and hopefully be finished) on Friday. J will be working from home so that makes me feel comfortable instead of allowing people access to our home without one of us around. I have heard it happen here oftentimes but if things get lost insurance doesn't pay. I hope the damage wouldn't be expensive.

Speaking of lost things. Over the weekend, we bought a paint scraper for $11.50. Last time I saw it was in the car. J took it in and he's sure that he did it but we can't find it! That sucks. I'm not sure if our child played with it or what. I'm wondering that he might have taken it and kept it somewhere becos he borrowed my cute wooden ring and misplaced it somehow! :( That was a funky ring and I loved it.


  1. Like the new colours!

    We lost a few things in our move, too. The last couple of moves, I haven't been around and other people have handled it - next time I'll take time off work and handle it myself!

  2. Oh no! I hope they weren't too valuable. Yeah, it would be a good idea to take a day off or 2 to manage the move.

    Are you happy about the new place?